Published in AlgaeBase (from synonym Nostoc spumigena (Mertens) Drouet, 1978) Published in AlgaeBase (from synonym Nodularia spumigena var. vacuolata F.E.Fritsch & M.F.Rich, 1930) To Barcode of Life (2 barcodes) To Biodiversity Heritage Library (3 publications) (from synonym Nostoc spumigena (Mertens) Drouet, 1978)


Nodularia spumigena potentially toxic species, forming heavy blooms and producing nodularin; occurrence - summer; filaments 8-12 µm wide, cells 3-4 times shorter than wide. Photographer/artist Janina Kownacka

AlgaeBase link : Nodularia spumigena Mertens ex Bornet & Flahault. Catalogue of Life link: Nodularia spumigena Mertens, 1888 Ex Bornet & Flahaul. Characterization of Nodularia strains, cyanobacteria from Brackish waters, by genotypic and phenotypic methods. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 50(3), 1043-1053.; Boone, D. R., Castenholz, R. W., & Garrity, G. M., (Eds) (2001). 115 Nodularia spumigena Mertens.

Nodularia spumigena algaebase

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115 Nodularia spumigena Mertens. AlgaeBase; Index Nominum Algarum; CCALA categories. A lgae; C yanobacteria; N on-seed plants; CCALA search by. Order & Payment The bloom-forming cyanobacterium Nodularia spumigena CENA596 encodes the biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs) of the known natural products nodularins, spumigins, anabaenopeptins/namalides, aeruginosins, mycosporin-like amino acids, and scytonemin, along with the terpenoid geosmin. Salinity is an important abiotic factor controlling the distribution and abundance of Nodularia spumigena, the dominating diazotrophic and toxic phototroph, in the brackish water cyanobacterial blooms of the Baltic Sea. To expand the available genomic information for brackish water cyanobacteria, we sequenced the isolate Nodularia spumigena UHCC 0039 using an Illumina-SMRT hybrid sequencing N. armorica, N. baltica, N. harveyana, N. moravica, N. sphaerocarpa, N. spumigena. AlgaeBase link : Nodularia Mertens ex É.Bornet & C.Flahault, 1886 ; NCBI link: Nodularia Nodularia Spumigena What is Nodularia? Nodularia is a blue-green alga (also known as cyanobacteria).

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The gas vesicles in Nodularia spumigena cells provide a mechanism to move up and down in the water column, which increases access to nutrients and other growth factors. Because Nodularia spumigena is capable of converting dissolved nitrogen gas ammonium, it can dominate blooms when inorganic nitrogen (ammonium, nitrate, and nitrite) is limiting to other types of algae.

Nodularia spumigena* and Dolichospermum sp. were found in moderate amounts. Small colonyforming cyanobacteria were abundant. The phytoplankton diversity was clearly higher than at the other Baltic stations with more than twice as many taxa present. REFM1V1 20th of August

Photographer/artist Janina Kownacka Rot Biota, Rike Bacteria, Stam Cyanobacteria, Klass Cyanophyceae, Underklass Nostocophycidae, Ordning Nostocales, Familj Aphanizomenonaceae, Släkte Nodularia Svensk förekomst Bofast och reproducerande 115 Nodularia spumigena Mertens. AlgaeBase; Index Nominum Algarum; CCALA categories. A lgae; C yanobacteria; N on-seed plants; CCALA search by.

The type species for the genus is Nodularia spumigena Mertens ex Bornet & Flahault, 1886. Morphology. Nodularia may form solitary filaments or groups of filaments. Nodularia spumigena strains were isolated as single ¢la-ments collected from the Baltic Sea in1994 and1995, and grown in MN medium (Gallon et al.,1991) under an inci-dent irradiance of 4mmolphotons m72 s71at 258C.
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Nodularia spumigena algaebase

2011]. P. Wacklin, L. Hoffmann & J. Komárek and Nodularia Guiry M.D. and Guiry G.M., AlgaeBase. Källa In this study, changes in concentration of NOD and other NRPs during cyanophage infection of the filamentous cyanobacteria Nodularia spumigena were assessed using incubation experiments.
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Vernacular names [ edit wikidata 'Nodularia spumigena'] No common name has yet been provided in this category nor in wikidata 'Nodularia spumigena'. AlgaeBase link : Nodularia spumigena Mertens ex Bornet & Flahault. Catalogue of Life link: Nodularia spumigena Mertens, 1888 Ex Bornet & Flahaul.

laria baltica, Nodularia litorea and Nodularia spumigena) and two benthic species (Nodularia harveyana and Nodularia sphaerocarpa) showed that only one genetically justified planktonic species, N. spumigena (Barker et al., 1999; Laamanen et al., 2001), and two benthic species, Abbreviations: gvpA-IGS, intergenic spacer between two copies of AlgaeBase. World-wide electronic publication, National University of Ireland, Galway (taxonomic information republished from AlgaeBase with permission of M.D. Guiry). Nostoc spumigena (Mertens) Drouet, 1978. Nodularia on sinivetikate perekond, kuhu kuulub ligemale 21 liiki vetikaid.

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2005), Komárek (2013), также учитывались сведения из AlgaeBase (Guiry, flosaquae, Glaucospira laxissima, Nodularia spumigena и Synechocystis salina.

Flahault 1888. F. (III). Nostocales. Nodularia spumigena Guiry, M.D., and Guiry, G.M. (2015) “ AlgaeBase.

Katthårsalg (Nodularia) Cyanobakterier, eller blågrönalger som de också kallas, blommar ofta på sommaren i Östersjön. De tycker om samma väder som vi människor, soligt, varmt och lugnt. I slutet av sin blomning flyter de upp till ytan. Då kan vattnet inne i vikarna bli tjockt och grumligt.

REFM1V1 20th of August Voß, B., et al. (2013). Insights into the physiology and ecology of the brackish-water-adapted cyanobacterium Nodularia spumigena CCY9414 based on a genome-transcriptome analysis. PLoS One 8(3), e60224.; Shih, P. M., et al.

spumigena Mertens. Type strain: no. Isolator: Other: AlgaeBase · Index Nominum Algarum   Nodularia spumigena in the Baltic Sea produces a cyclic pentapeptide that is a Ireland, Galway.; searched on 04 September 2013. 1 reference.